Acuson Bonsai

Siemens Healthineers
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  • Portable, cardiovascular-dedicated ultrasound system
  • Design provides flexibility in scanning locations
  • User-friendly cardiology applications included

The Acuson Bonsai addresses the increasing demand for quality echo exams by providing a portable and quick system that maintains high-quality imaging and diagnostic confidence through user-friendly applications.

The Acuson Bonsai provides one-touch image optimization, eliminating the need for manual optimization on the part of the sonographer for improved workflow and image quality consistency. The system also comes fully loaded with a complete set of user-friendly cardiology applications for fast and easy handling of routine echo exams. Included applications such as automated ejection fraction and automated intima-media thickness help clinicians acquire measurements in one click, enabling quicker exams and consistent results. The Acuson Bonsai is compatible with a comprehensive set of 14 transthoracic echocardiography and transesophageal echocardiography transducers.

The ergonomic user design of the Acuson Bonsai’s laptop and mobile cart system offers flexibility in scanning locations. The laptop is more than 1.7 cm thinner than the industrial average, and its companion cart has a slim design and small footprint for maneuverability.

The Acuson Bonsai is cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration and available only in the United States.


Adept Medical
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  • Protects sterile field; provides arm support
  • Soft, pliable straps for patient comfort
  • Offers scatter radiation protection
  • Fits all lab tables; quick set-up
  • Clinician-designed product for long life

The ArmSure system is designed for arm support, arm immobilization, and protection of the sterile field with the added benefit of reducing scatter radiation to operators. It is particularly useful in the increasing number of procedures performed under conscious sedation where patient restlessness can be an issue.

The ArmSure gently secures both arms of a supine patient in a comfortable adducted position with soft, latex-free, easy-to-install, adjustable straps. The unique design allows the straps to be loose while maintaining arm security and patient comfort.

The ergonomic design comfortably supports the patient’s arms at an optimal height, fits all lab table models, works on both sides of the imaging table, and suits a wide variety of patient sizes.

The ArmSure is placed under the sterile drape and is easy to clean. The materials have been selected for excellent resistance to chemical attack from commonly used cleaning products.

Adept Medical is a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered manufacturer and the ArmSure is a registered product under the FDA.