February 1, 2019

Merit Medical Launches PreludeSync Distal Compression Device

February 1, 2019—Merit Medical Systems, Inc. announced that the PreludeSync Distal compression device is now available in the United States, European, Middle Eastern, African, and Asia-Pacific markets. The device is designed to achieve hemostasis of the radial artery during procedures where access is gained via the distal radial artery.

The company stated that the PreludeSync Distal compression device, which includes a comfortable band and a large window for site visibility, is easily applied over the arteriotomy, allowing the clinician to slowly inflate the balloon with air while simultaneously removing the sheath. It then maintains pressure at the site to allow the access wound to achieve patent hemostasis.

Merit Medical advised that it is conducting distal access training through its ThinkRadial course on Saturday, February 9, 2019. The course will feature a 3-hour session specific to distal radial access, which will be streamed live online and available to interventional cardiologists and radiologists who want to learn the distal technique. The live streaming event features Ferdinand Kiemeneij, MD, PhD; Sandeep Nathan, MD; and Darren Klass, MD. Additional information about other ThinkRadial courses may be found on the program’s website.


February 4, 2019

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January 31, 2019

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