July 13, 2018

CathWorks Receives CPT Code for Intraprocedural FFR Measurements to Optimize PCI Decisions

July 13, 2018—CathWorks announced the approval of a new CPT code (0523T) for the company's FFRangio system for noninvasive, three-dimensional (3D) fractional flow reserve (FFR)-enabled interpretation of possible atherosclerotic stenosis during coronary angiography interventions.

According to the company, the CathWorks FFRangio system is a noninvasive FFR platform designed to quickly and precisely deliver objective multivessel physiologic measurements to cost-effectively optimize and confirm intraprocedural percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) decisions, including determining if PCI is indicated and if revascularization has occurred in every coronary angiography procedure.

The CPT code (0523T) enables health care providers using the FFRangio system to be reimbursed for intraprocedural coronary FFR with 3D functional mapping of color-coded FFR values for the entire coronary tree, derived from coronary angiogram data that allow real-time review and interpretation of possible atherosclerotic stenosis intervention.

The CathWorks FFRangio system is in development and is not yet cleared by the FDA, advised the company.


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