One of the great challenges we all have in interventional cardiology lies in the ability (or inability) to organize and parse all of the data resulting from research and study. Just when you thought you had a grip on the most recent 2-year data, you hear that 5-year data have been announced. How do these new data compare to the existing data? Are the studies similar in design, patient populations, and controls?

It has long been the goal of Cardiac Interventions Today to help our readers synthesize the data that regularly fill their inboxes. With this goal in mind, we present the TAVR Study Chart to help physicians and industry better understand the myriad TAVR data sets.

The full scope of the data sets in the TAVR space cannot easily be summarized in print. To that end, Cardiac Interventions Today has created a web version of the TAVR Study Chart that includes all of the study data available for all of the TAVR devices available or being studied in the United States market.

This chart can be found at or by clicking the banner below.