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  • Touchless control of DICOM images
  • Novel 3D hand-sensing technology
  • Virtual menu projected onto drape
  • No tool or wearable needed
  • Ergonomic and intuitive design

TIPSO (Touchless Interaction with PACS in Sterile Operations) is a product that enables interventionists to touchlessly control PACS imagery directly from the patient’s drape. With an intuitive user interface designed by interventionists, TIPSO enables ergonomic control of DICOM images (eg, scroll, window/ level, etc). By projecting a virtual menu onto the drape, the user can move their hand (similar to a computer mouse) to fully control the imagery from the sterile workspace. TIPSO has been designed from the ground up with the interventionist’s workflow in mind. The user can stay cognitively focused on the case and freely use TIPSO on the drape at their leisure.

In Canada, TIPSO is not considered a medical device by Health Canada. In the United States, TIPSO is classified by the US Food and Drug Administration as a class 1 medical image communications device and is 510(k) exempt.