June/July 2009


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Next-Generation DES Technology

A look at how advances in stent therapy will supplant the current standard.



Next-Generation DES Technology

By Ted E. Feldman, MD, FSCAI - Chief Medical Editor


Forward-Looking IVUS in Chronic Total Occlusions

A new approach to an old problem.

By Jason H. Rogers, MD


Rotational Ablation as a Bailout Technique

How to facilitate expansion of a severely underexpanded stent.

By David J. James, md; S. Chiu Wong, MD; and Issam D. Moussa, MD


The Perfect Drug-Eluting Stent

Goals for stent, polymer, and drug development.

By Tim A. Fischell, MD, FACC, FSCAI; Dwight Dishmon, MD; Adam Elhaddi, MD; Shadwan Alsafwah, MD; and Santhosh R. Mannem, MD

Nonstent Drug Delivery

Current data on the use of drug-eluting balloon angioplasty to treat atherosclerotic arterial disease are limited but hold promise.

By Verghese Mathew, MD, FACC

Metallic Stents Coated With Bioabsorbable Polymers

An overview of polymer technology as a drug-carrier mechanism.

By Wei Fan; Dave M. Johnson, Phd; and Marc D. Feldman, MD, FACC

Bioabsorbable Stents: The Future Is Near

A review of the breakthroughs and challenges of bioabsorbable stents as a potential solution to the risks associated with available drug-eluting stents.

By Refat Jabara, MD, FACC; Lakshmana Pendyala, MD; Jack Chen, MD, FACC; and Nicolas Chronos, MD, FACC


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Special Report: New Treatment for Refractory Angina: Robotic-Assisted TMR

By Geoffrey Answini, MD, and Averel Snyder, MD

An Interview With Lowell Satler, MD

Dr. Satler discusses his facility at the Washington Cardiology Center and their role in ushering in new treatments, devices, and education, specifically for treating structural heart disease.


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