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Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Counterpulsation: Old Friend or Foe?

Lokien X. van Nunen, MD, PhD

March/April 2017—The hemodynamics and utility of IABP counterpulsation in current practice.

The Impact of Thin-Strut, Biodegradable Polymer Stent Designs

Raffaele Piccolo, MD; and Thomas Pilgrim, MD

January/February 2017—How these stent design characteristics may affect PCI outcomes going forward.

Current Use of Coronary Drug-Coated Balloons

Robert M. Bersin, MD, MPH

January/February 2017—A review of technical considerations and clinical applications and a discussion of what’s next in drug-coated balloon technology.

Implantation Technique for Bioresorbable Scaffolds

Jiang Ming Fam, MD, MBBS; and Robert-Jan van Geuns, MD

January/February 2017—Device description and patient/lesion selection with the Absorb BVS.

The Long-Term Benefit of CTO Recanalization

Barbara Anna Danek, MD; and Emmanouil S. Brilakis, MD, PhD

January/February 2017—Using CTO PCI to improve long-term clinical outcomes.

Coronary Atherectomy: A Current Assessment

Evan Shlofmitz, DO

January/February 2017—A contemporary review of atherectomy devices for treating calcified coronary artery lesions.

Sheathless Guide Catheters During Transradial PCI

Ian C. Gilchrist Sr, MD, FACC, FSCAI

September/October 2016—Bigger catheters in smaller spaces.

Optical Coherence Tomography for Lesion Assessment

Falak Shah, MD; Alexander Turin, MD; and John J. Lopez, MD

July/August 2016—A focus on pre-PCI imaging.



2017 Buyer’s Guide

This Buyer’s Guide offers a searchable, comprehensive listing of the FDA-approved interventional devices available in the United States.


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