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Ultra-Low Radiation Dose, Prospectively Gated Coronary CTA

David A. Dowe, MD

April 2008—State-of-the-art coronary CTA is now possible with radiation exposure less than that of a calcium score.

Physiologic Assessment for Revascularization Strategy and Multivessel PCI

Morton J. Kern, MD, FSCAI, FAHA, FACC

April 2008—Fractional flow reserve is a useful supplement to angiography for accurate decision making.

Dynamic Imaging for Structural Heart Disease Interventions

John D. Carroll, MD

May/June 2008—Why three-dimensional image guidance is important in structural cardiac interventions.

Physiologic Lesion Assessment

William F. Fearon, MD

July/August 2008—Fractional flow reserve has become an indispensable tool in guiding the decision for PCI in intermediate lesions and likely improves outcomes in patients undergoing multivessel PCI.

Angiographic Characterization of Lesion Morphology

Lloyd W. Klein, MD, and Ronald J. Krone, MD

July/August 2008—Are the AHA/ACC and SCAI lesion classifications still useful?

MRI for Plaque Assessment

Federico E. Mordini, MD; Steven Smart, MD; and Ioannis Koktzoglou, PhD

July/August 2008—An overview of the literature.

Novel Intravascular Modalities for Assessing Coronary Lesions

Danny Dvir, MD, and Ran Kornowski, MD, FACC, FESC

July/August 2008—New imaging options are making it easier to detect vulnerable plaque.

Point–Counterpoint: The Role of IVUS

Gary Mintz, MD, and Jean Marco, MD

October/November 2008—Gary Mintz, MD, and Jean Marco, MD, share their thoughts on IVUS, its utility in routine practice, and their positions on the impact that this imaging modality has on procedural outcomes.




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